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1. Include time for classes, labs, seminars 
2. Add time for sports, volunteer commitments, work, church, clubs, gym, other hobbies
3. Include time for things like travel time, sleep, dressing, grooming, personal care, meals (include time for preparation and cleanup)
4. Add flexible time! This time will be used for whatever time you want - socialize with friends, go on tumblr, watch netflix, take a nap, use it as catch up time if were not as productive as you wanted to be or if something happens, like you lose your essay, you may need flex time to rewrite it
5. What ever blocks of time are left will be used for time to study, review, and complete assignments
BE FLEXIBLE! This isn’t set in stone, it’s mostly just an outline to figure out how much time you have to study a day. I know that I have approximately 3 hours a day to do textbook readings and 2 hours a day to review material that I’ve learned. Things happen and your day may change around! If I go out with friends on a Tuesday night and that cuts into review time, I may need to use my flex time Wednesday to catch up on stuff I missed. Or you can just switch review time and flex time, so you get some review done before you go out and have fun.You may need to stay late at school for a group project and miss out on workout time, so you may need to move your workout to another day. This is why flex time is so important!
BE REALISTIC! I know it’s Friday night so I probably want to go out with friends, that’s why I’ve added in more flex time than usual, and I may want to switch it with review time, because we aren’t going out until 9:00 anyways. I also haven’t included Saturday and Sunday, because I usually work on the weekend, and my work hours are arbitrary, and I want to hang out with friends, and take it easy and watch netflix. If you want you can plan in the weekend, but be realistic! Don’t expect that you will study 8 hours a Saturday, because you probably won’t. I also left in half hour free in the morning (white space) because realistically I know that sometimes I am slow getting ready in the morning, and sometimes it takes me awhile to get out of bed, so that extra time is in case I miss the bus, I can still make it to class on time.
For the study time you’ve blocked in, don’t expect to work straight for an hour or more! Take lots of small breaks in between that time. Get up and stretch, but don’t do anything that will get you distracted too long (social media, or netflix)  And if you have more than 2 hours study time, take a long break in the middle of it - you may want to use that as dinner time or workout time.


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Location: Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad (West Entrance)
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Date: Sunday April 27th 2014